Why is it called Fore Sisters?

Local athlete and businessman Donald Moran named the course for his four daughters, having a sense of humor he used the golf spelling ‘Fore’ to create the clever pun. Born and raised in Western Maryland, Don has never forgotten the community that supported his success. Wanting to give back he created the Edward S & Sarah J Moran scholarship fund to help outstanding local students, he helped to build the new Western Maryland hospital, and more recently is sponsoring a Ukrainian family trying to escape from the war – giving back to the community.

Giving Back Is our Value. Fore Sisters is a golf course for everyone, we will never close our doors to become a private course because we feel that the strongest value is the community we build together. We champion the values of our founder Don Moran and his family. Over the years the course has hosted tournaments for such local charities as the Lion’s clubs, Rotary Clubs, Western Maryland health Services and many more. If you have a tournament that would benefit local communities, give us a call! We would love to help you out.

Just 20 minutes from Cumberland MD and Keyser WV, 30 Minutes from Deep Creek or a few hours from the city. A local gem hidden in the greenside of Dan’s Mountain. This course is far from the stress of life and close to the heritage of home.

Yet few know of its unmatched beauty

Cutting thru the ancient Appalachian Mountains the even older Potomac River, which is fed by frequent rains and snows of the misty highlands, is usually confined within a steep rock canyon but crosses the wider Pinto/Rawlings valley where it has more room to expand. Here the river slows down. Life slows down. This sheltered valley caught the imagination of Native Indians and European settlers alike who remarked on the green beauty, fertile soil as well as abundant fish in the river. People have loved and lived in this region for the past 13,000 years! This was the perfect site to create Fore Sisters Golf Course with stunning views of the rolling hills, white tail deer & black bears abound, a slower calmer way of life. Close to nature.