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Natural Beauty

Our Environment

Fore Sisters is carved out of a heavily wooded mountainside with dramatic elevation changes. Large stands of native red and white oak trees, shag-bark hickory, and wild dogwoods flank the rolling fairways. The owners have a deep respect for environmental stewardship and exciting plans to introduce new species to the course. We’ve consulted Dr. Michael Dirr, the renowned horticulturist, author and expert on woody plants for suggestions on our future planting. Additionally, we’ve talked with the US Botanic Garden in Washington D.C., the American Chestnut Foundation, and the Penn State University Forestry School for guidance when replanting greens and fairways.

The American chestnut tree, which was forced into extinction more than 100 years ago due to blight, is being resurrected by scientists. Fore Sisters is helping to restore this native tree by planting blight-resistant chestnuts on the golf course as soon as they are available.

It is our long term hope that the course will contain a collection of noble trees and shrubs. A golf Arboretum.